Ann Houston Ann Houston Sculpture - Bonnie (Dog) Flatcoat Retriever Flatcoat Retriever

Flatcoat Retriever 'Bonnie' Lifesize in Bronze or Bronze Resin
Patination in Antique Brown or Black Bronze
Bronzes @ £p.o.a.
Limited Edition of 12
Bronze Resins @ £p.o.a.
Limited Edition of 25
Plus Delivery

English Bull Terrier

English Bull Terrier
Limited Edition of 12
Bronze Resins £p.o.a.

Ann Houston

I have drawn and painted Pet Portraits for many years after originally training as a Graphic Designer. Sculpture is another passion of mine. I sculpt a variety of subjects and find animals one of the most interesting. I study every aspect of the animal including their anatomy even for my more impressionistic pieces.

Much of my work is privately commissioned. Initially measurements and photographs taken, I then work directly with the model until the client gives permission for mouldmaking and final casting. Casts can be made in Bronze which involves a hot metal Foundry or in metal or stone powders mixed with resin which is suitable for outdoor display.

Dogs are one of my favourite subjects. I work from life whenever possible and study expression and body language to capture the special character of the dog.

Sculptures are numbered Limited Editions or unique single castings.

Price of lifesize head and neck portrait sculpture begin at £800.00 which includes cost of mould and single polymer casting. Foundry cast bronze price available on request.

I am sorry I cannot produce a sculpture using just photographs.

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Labrador Labrador
The original model Life-size casting of labrador Fred

The original model.

Life-size casting of labrador Fred.

Detail of labrador Fred The two Freds

Detail of labrador Fred.

The two Freds.

Flatcoat Retriever 'Bonnie' lifesize portrait

Flatcoat Retriever 'Bonnie' lifesize portrait
(Bronze or Black Resin) £p.o.a
Limited Edition of 25

Labrador Labrador Labrador

Commissioned portraits Not for Sale.

Yorkshire Terrier

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The Model
Work in progress; a lifesize Springer Spaniel Completed life-size bronze casting
Front of bronze casting

The model.

Work in progress; a lifesize Springer Spaniel.

Completed life-size bronze casting.

Front of bronze casting.

Greyhound/Staff cross
Greyhound/Staff cross Greyhound/Staff cross
Greyhound/Staff cross

Cast Sculpture.

The real dog.

Cast Sculpture.

The real dog.


Patinated polymer casting shown with Bonnie the one-eyed Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Greyhound.

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